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Letter from our CEO

Andy YSeptember 2015

If You Build It…

One of the things we constantly talk about at Rocket is innovation. How can we build great new products? How can we improve solutions that are already in the market? How can we prepare for the future to solve problems that don’t even exist yet?

Last year we introduced Rocket.Build, a “hackathon” featuring many of Rocket’s top developers. The premise was simple: bring dozens of developers from all over the world together to code for an entire week and see what came out of it. The program was a huge success – several of the products created at the first Rocket.Build are in development – and it showcased a core strength that has guided our company for 25 years: amazing people doing amazing engineering.

This year is going to be even better, because we’re actually inviting Rocket customers to come to Boston to participate! That’s right – we’re opening the doors so that our customers can actually see our engineers at work...and even code side by side with them to come up with software that matters. And not only will they get to be part of the process, but there will be a Customer Choice Award so that they can recognize the projects that they feel are the best in class. All Participants will get a chance to showcase their projects to all attendees of the Leadership Summit 2015 (sales, marketing, and customer experience teams), and every Leadership Summit attendee will get a chance to rate the projects. Our four themes this year are:

  • Think about hard problems
  • Collaborate across labs and geographies
  • Reinvent by repurposing existing technology
  • Solve one more problem for one more customer

The program starts on November 29 and wraps up on December 3. If you are a Rocket customer and want to participate – or know of anyone in your organization who might – please drop me a note at [email protected].


Andrew J. Youniss
President and CEO, Rocket Software, Inc.



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