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Letter from our CEO

Andy YounissJanuary 2015

Welcome to 2015—the 25th anniversary year for Rocket Software! We’ve been building software that matters for 25 years. We’ve been putting you first, putting your agenda first, and helping you win for 25 years. And for 25 years, we’ve been treating our customers and partners like people, not just a number or a transaction.

When we founded Rocket in April of 1990 we didn’t know much—I was only 28 years old! What I did know, however, was that:

  • Software engineers (in 1990 we were called “programmers”) are really important people.
  • We are going to be a company of people building software for other people.
  • We will listen to our customers and partners and build what they needed.
  • We will solve real (hopefully, hard) problems for our customers and partners.
  • We will treat each of our customers, partners, and fellow Rocketeers with humanity.

These beliefs turned into our core values, values that all Rocketeers aspire to live by each and every day. Today we are more committed than ever to putting you first and never letting you fail, and we’ve worked hard over the past 25 years to earn your trust.

So 25 years in, how well are we living up to our values? Well, here are a few comments that I have recently received from some of the people who rely on Rocket solutions every day:

We are very grateful that Rocket Software was willing to help us get this done. Fantastic! Your company is a true business partner.

If I can work with people like Rocket every day it would make my life so much happier!

It's a pleasure to work with such an agile and collaborative team.

You don't see that type of effort much anymore and it was greatly appreciated. I would recommend Rocket without hesitation.

Rocket did a good job at making me feel special!

My hat is off to your magnificent team. Rocket Rocks!!!

Your work ethic is exemplary to not only our customers, but all our peers. You are always very approachable and pleasant to work with—without any hesitation.

I was very impressed with the quick response time.

I have taken a number of opportunities to make sure that my own management is aware of how well Rocket has supported us. This can only be attributed to the hard work, dedication, caring, and responsiveness of Rocketeers.

I’m proud to receive these kind words in notes from you. Your voice is important to me because it lets me know how well we are serving you—and how we can improve. I know that without you, there is no Rocket.

I’m proud of the 1,200 Rocketeers who wake up every day and work to meet the needs of our community, which is now 17,000 customers and partners strong and with deep local roots and broad global branches. And while I’m excited about our 25th year milestone, I’m more excited about our next 25 years, which begin today. Our new web site has been redesigned to help you find the solution or capability that best meets your needs. And you’ll see more new content on this site throughout the year—we will be delivering more solutions, products, features, and functions this year than in any of our first 25!

Thank you for your business, your partnership, and for being a member of our community.

Onward and upward to our next 25 years together!


Andrew J. Youniss
President and CEO, Rocket Software, Inc.


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