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Letter from our CEO

June 2016

To the Rocket Software Community,

Customers and Partners First. That is one of our core values. We talk about it. We display it on nice Lucite plaques in our offices. We include this in our presentations. We have this imprinted on our new, addictive, folding cubes.

But it’s not just a slogan. At least, it isn’t supposed to be. Customers and Partners First is a key driver for every Rocketeer every day. We put you first. And your agenda is our agenda.

One example of this is our recent Rocket President’s Advisory Council (RPAC) meeting. Fourteen of you participated in the inaugural RPAC event held in our Waltham, Massachusetts headquarters. What our RPAC members liked about this event is that they were the ones who created the agenda topics. They told us what was important to them - and our day together was organized around those topics.

What also made this event unique was that we didn’t have any PowerPoint slides or any other digital presentation aides. Instead, we used a modified version of design thinking to more deeply explore the topics together in hands-on workshops. Together we created the time and the space where senior IT leaders were comfortable speaking freely to us - and to each other - about the big challenges their organizations face today and will face in the future. Employees from different industries quickly discovered common ground in these challenges and took advantage of their time together to network and learn from each other.

RPAC members also had some fun with our Gong Show/Shark Tank segment. We brought everyone into our “Rocket Garage” where three of our product teams had seven minutes each to pitch their product or technology. RPAC members got to invest Rocket “dollars” on the idea they thought was most relevant. I’m happy to report that none of our RPAC judges ever rang the gong, which means that each of our three product ideas will continue moving forward. But since our Rocket API technology received the most Rocket “dollars,” we are accelerating our R&D investment in this space. You will hear more from us about Rocket API soon.

RPAC is just one way we listen to you and learn about what matters to you. We continue to send out customer surveys each month. We read and react to the responses we receive, so please don’t just throw those surveys away when they show up in our inbox.  And of course, call us. Our Customer Care team is available 24x7 around the globe. You can find a local Rocket toll-free number on our Support page. We want to hear from you.

Thank you for your business and thank you for your partnership.


Andrew J. Youniss
President and CEO, Rocket Software, Inc.