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May 2017

The Speed of Business

I’ve talked with more than 100 customers, partners, and industry colleagues over the past few months. Everywhere I go, I continue to be impressed at the speed of business. Regardless of geography and industry, the pace of everything – processing transactions, analyzing data, discovering insights, detecting threats, ensuring compliance with regulations, collaborating with partners, responding to customers, growing revenue, driving innovation, predicting trends – is accelerating. And with each conversation, I continue to study how technology and organizations (people, structure, processes) help increase that speed – or get in the way and slow things down.

At Rocket, we remind ourselves that the solutions we build are developed in service of all of that speed. We don’t develop software just to develop software; it isn’t about the zeros and ones. It’s about delivering technology that helps you do more of what you need to do.

One of the things I have learned over the past 27 years is that building software that matters is a critical ingredient for our mutual success. But it isn’t the only thing. And it might not even be the most important thing. Providing you with an overall enjoyable, differentiated and high-value experience – the right products, solutions, business model, pricing, service, delivery, assistance – as partners over the long term is what matters most.

Think about the “disruptive” businesses that are getting all of the press (and large market caps) today. I’m not sure that the best technology solutions – the best zeros and ones – can be found at the heart of those disruptions. But I am sure that some incumbent technology provider took its eye off of delivering the most enjoyable, differentiated and high-value experience – from the way the product was sold, marketed, and consumed, to the pricing model to service and delivery and assistance. I am sure that the organizational structure, the people, and the processes got in the way of truly listening to the customer and delivering exactly what the customer wanted – and how they wanted it, and when they wanted it, and priced the way they valued it.

So onward and upward we go, picking up speed every day. Rocket will help you with the technology – as you optimize and modernize your business. And we’ll do everything we can to make your agenda our agenda and deliver to you the most enjoyable and differentiated and high-value experience. Make sure you keep your eye on your organization, your people, your structure, your processes, and your customers. Together we will accomplish even more and achieve even more successes.


It’s one thing to talk about speed, but another to live it. Here are four classic songs that are guaranteed to rev you up:

Ronnie James Album

"I Speed At Night": Ronnie James Dio is often remembered as Black Sabbath’s Other Singer, but he rocked WAY harder than Ozzy - and he introduced the devil horns (a gesture he learned from his Italian grandmother) to heavy metal.

Sammy Hagar Album

"I Can’t Drive 55": From Montrose to a successful solo career to a long run with Van Halen, few rockers have had the staying power of Sammy Hagar.

Micheal Moorcock Album

"Kings of Speed": There’s not much better than this full-throttle collaboration between British novelist Michael Moorcock and space-rock outfit Hawkwind (with a pre-Motorhead Lemmy on bass!)

Tracy Chapman Album

"Fast Car”: Tracy Chapman changed the world of folk rock forever with this gritty allegory about escaping the cycle of poverty.

Onward and upward—together.

Andy Signature

Andrew J. Youniss
President and CEO, Rocket Software, Inc.