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October 2019

Legacy systems run the world. From banking to infrastructure to healthcare to government, the things you and I depend on day in and day out depend on applications that run on IBM zSystems, IBM Power, and embedded database technology. Did you know that nearly 70% of all production IT workloads run on legacy systems? That’s an amazing number considering that most of the big names would tell you that legacy systems are the second-class citizens of the tech world.

But there’s more to legacy systems than just numbers. The fact is that Rocket customers are doing things that have a real impact in the wider world. For example,

  • One long-time customer uses Rocket technology as the underpinnings of their emergency response platform that helps ensure that first responders get to emergencies as quickly as possible, helping save lives and property.
  • Another customer uses Rocket technology as part of their electronic health record (EHR) system, helping ensure that doctors always have access to a patient’s complete medical history.
  • Several of our public-sector customers rely on Rocket technology to help ensure that citizens are able to access benefits as easily as possible, and ensure that disbursements reach people when and where they’re needed.

As we enter our 30th year as a company, we’re making a decision to focus on our customers’ stories in a bigger way, and let the world know about the amazing things they do every day. At Rocket we believe that Legacy Powers Legendary. That’s more than just a tag line—it’s an idea that’s permeating every part of Rocket from R&D to Customer Success to Sales and Marketing. You may have noticed that we’ve already started updating our website to reflect this new way of thinking about our customers and our business, with additional improvements coming later this year so our online experience is better attuned to your needs. And over the coming weeks and months, you’ll start to see the Legacy Powers Legendary philosophy reflected in everything from trade shows to product user interfaces.

I’m excited about the journey ahead, and I hope you’ll join us. And if Rocket Software is helping you do amazing things, we want to know about it. Help us tell your story and let the world know about all the ways legacy is making you and your customers legendary. I can’t wait to hear what you’re working on next.

Andrew J. Youniss
President and CEO, Rocket Software, Inc.

In celebration of our Legacy Powers Legendary outlook, here are four songs that describe how we feel about our Rocket customers, partners, and employees.

“Legend,” The Score This high-energy song echoes a sentiment we all believe in at Rocket; we won’t stop until we—and our customers—are legends.


“You’re The Best Thing About Me,” U2 The lead single from the band’s 14th record, this song is a declaration of love from lead singer Bono to his wife Ali.

“You’re My Best Friend,” Queen This 1975 song was written by bass player John Deacon for his wife Veronica.


“Amazing,” Aerosmith This power ballad from the Boston rockers includes Don Henley of Eagles fame on backup vocals.