November 2020


Welcome to November. From my home office I can see the leaves are falling and I can feel the weather is getting a little bit colder. With the pandemic still not contained, I’m preparing for a long, cold (but hopefully not so lonely) winter.

On the brighter side, I’m also preparing to more fully welcome the newest additions to our Rocket family. Just a few days ago we announced the acquisition of two new products (ConnectIQ and WebConnect), many new customers, and a handful of new Rocketeers.

ConnectiQ is a robotic process automation (RPA) tool for mainframe environments, and helps companies create new efficiencies by automating the most often repeated, most labor-intensive functions. RPA often serves to bridge the gap between legacy and distributed systems, furthering our strategy of delivering a range of modernization options to our customers. As an example, customers in the healthcare payments industry tell us that ConnectiQ has saved them millions of dollars. I’ve been hearing a good bit about RPA from Rocket customers around the world, and I’m positive that the tremendous efficiencies of RPA on legacy systems will broaden the options available to organizations modernizing their legacy systems.

With WebConnect, we’re able to offer a new enterprise-class terminal emulator for mainframes, strengthening our 15-year investment in delivering configurable and flexible host access. Many companies take emulators for granted these days, but this is an area where we still see a lot of room for innovation—and modernization! For example, we recently released the world’s first modern terminal emulator for the Zowe™ platform.

I am delighted to welcome our new ConnectIQ and WebConnect customers and partners to the Rocket family.


P.S. You can learn more about ConnectiQ and WebConnect on our website and recent blog post from our own Chris Wey. And while you are reading, you might enjoy listening to these songs about coming together.

In recognition of our new Rocketeers, customers and products, here are a few songs about togetherness.

Come Together - The Beatles
A single from 1969's Abbey Road, this song was originally inspired by a request from Timothy Leary to write a song for his campaign for governor of California.

Happy Together - Weezer
Originally a hit for The Turtles in 1967, this tribute from SoCal pop-punkers Weezer is a great updated take on the original.

We Belong Together - Vampire Weekend ft. Danielle Haim
On this duet with Danielle Haim, songwriter Ezra Koenig set out to write a simple love song, describing it as the "most wholesome Vampire Weekend song."

Together - Sia
This upbeat song is the lead single from Sia's upcoming film directing debut, Music, which the Australian pop star also wrote and produced.