Welcome ConnectiQ

Rocket Software Acquires ConnectiQ
and WebConnect from ActiveOps,
Delivering RPA to the Mainframe

ConnectiQ and WebConnect customers: learn about important changes to your operational processes taking effect February 1, 2021. Please reference the email sent on January 5 for more information.

ConnectiQ delivers RPA for Mainframe

Automate processes, lower G&A costs, and improve services levels with RPA for mainframe applications.

ConnectiQ works with existing 3270 mainframe applications to capture and publish tasks as re-usable web services. Users can then run automated processes directly from the Rocket RPA server, or these web services can be integrated with enterprise-wide RPA platforms, including Blueprism and UIPath.

Current customers in the healthcare payer segment have seen dramatic improvements in claims processing times, saving millions in G&A costs while improving customer experience. We’ll continue to support new RPA uses cases across industries where legacy systems remain mission critical.

WebConnect joins the Rocket terminal emulation family

We've been delivering enterprise-class terminal emulation solutions for over a decade with our Rocket BlueZone solutions. With WebConnect, we're excited to bring another powerful mainframe terminal emulator into the fold, with all solutions in our portfolio benefiting from the added scale, R&D, and support investments. We’re confident that WebConnect customers will join the rest of our customers who enjoy world-class, category-of-one support from the Rocket team.

One recent innovation in this segment includes our support for the Open Mainframe Project's™ Zowe™ initiative, with the first commercially available terminal emulator on this platform. The addition of WebConnect to our portfolio represents yet another investment in a space that we consider critical as the world continues to adjust to more remote work environments.