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Rocket® DBOL™

A component of this product, the DBOL/LRF (Logical Record Facility) tool will automatically format logical records for you.

Rocket® Fast Access®

Fast Access reduces processing time for CA-IDMS database read, load and update jobs. Satisfying program requests for I/O at higher CPU speed

Rocket® Journal Manager™

A menu-driven journal management tool, Rocket Journal Manager keeps track of, and controls, journal archive files used in CA-IDMS recovery.

Rocket® PreAlert®

A real-time control system that monitors IDMS activity and helps organizations manage growing workloads and meet SLAs.

Rocket® Replication Agent

Synchronous IDMS data replication from a legacy database to virtually any combination of relational databases, regardless of the platform.

Rocket® Tracer

Take advantage of the valuable information that IDMS automatically writes to its journal files about updates to your database.

Rocket® Virtual DB

Create multiple virtual copies of IDMS databases for use across a broad range of environments