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Rocket® Modern Experience Web Edition (Formerly Rocket LegaSuite Web)

Take your critical apps from green-screen to web and mobile screens

Want to maximize ROI on a critical business applications? Just turn your app into a modern IBM® i or IBM zSystems® user experience that’s accessible via web browsers, smart phones, and tablets. Oh, and be sure to make it simple, intuitive, user-friendly, and rich in the functionality and responsiveness your users expect.

It’s easier than you think. And it’s a lot less costly and risky than starting from scratch, recoding, and potentially losing your core business logic.

All you need is Rocket® Modern Experience (Web Edition)

Our innovative modernization tool makes it quick and easy to extend and repurpose any legacy application as a user-friendly, HTML5 web application. Rocket Modern Experience (Web Edition) simplifies web development with:

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Custom appearances
  • Drag-and-drop development tools
  • Runtime components

Seven ways to centralize management and streamline deployment

With Rocket Modern Experience (Web Edition), you can:

  • Deliver applications to any modern browser and operating system from a single solution
  • Go zero-footprint and manage all versions and deployments from a central location, improving developer productivity
  • Develop a mobile application once, and deploy it to Apple® iOS and Android™ platforms from one development effort
  • Bypass plugins (they’re not required with HTML5 apps)
  • Skip installing software on employee devices
  • Opt out of opening additional ports on your firewall