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Rocket® DBOL™

Optimize development and performance for your applications

An online utility for retrieving CA-IDMS updates

With Rocket DBOL, you can issue IDMS commands (obtain, modify, erase, etc.) directly from your terminal. A component of this product, the DBOL/LRF (Logical Record Facility) tool will automatically format logical records for you.

Debug and troubleshoot programs more efficiently

DBOL assists with correcting database problems and generating test cases quickly. With this true, menu-driven facility, you'll no longer need to remember data manipulation language (DML) command syntax for IDMS database problem solving and testing. DBOL populates a handful of test records and inspects the results of the test runs or patches the data back to its original state. 


With DBOL you can:
Create, store, list, and issue multiple command sequences
Provide masking characters for selecting and listing queue names to delete, over-type, and modify individual queue records
Employ user-defined PF keys and multiple PF key profiles available across session boundaries
Display and updates redefined record layouts
Provide a list of sign-on/bind profiles via the DBOL menu facility
Quickly set up small test databases so you can change data online for retesting purposes
Quickly access data for problem resolution, test data creation, database correction, and validation
Access easy-to-use, menu-driven capabilities that allow you to make selections without having to remember or enter a required subschema, record, set, or area name and enables you to view the syntax of the operation being performed