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Rocket® Fast Access®

Optimize development and performance for your applications

Reduce processing time for quicker CA-IDMS read, load, and update

More efficient processing

Fast Access reduces processing time for CA-IDMS database read, load, and update jobs. It performs I/O by acquiring extra buffer storage and loading it by track– or cylinder-increments – satisfying program requests for I/O at higher CPU speeds and reduced processing time.

Proven run-time reduction

Fast Access can be installed across your entire local-mode batch job line without making JCL changes, for an instant performance boost and nightly batch window relief. The Database Administrator can use Fast Access in CA-IDMS Reorgs, reports, unload/reloads, etc. to shorten down time when database maintenance is needed.

Fast Access is a utility software package that reduces the CPU and run time of batch jobs used to access the CA-IDMS database. It installs easily and can automatically adapt or be manually controlled to achieve the best performance improvement, using more efficient processing when reading and writing a track or cylinder in one I/O, and an added layer of buffering. 

With Fast Access you can:
Accelerate your local mode jobs, especially database loads, space reports, and IDMS utilities
Transfer data from disk to memory in amounts that are optimized for the behavior of each job and job step
Constantly monitor job performance and automatically adjust the number of buffers (within user-defined limits), auto-tuning for optimum performance levels
Produce performance reports for monitoring and/or fine tuning
Speed up random jobs dramatically by placing into memory all or large portions of a database
Take advantage of the increased performance and larger memory, addressing the latest hardware and z/OS operating systems