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Streamline workflows and reduce costs with process automation solutions for IBM® i (or IBM zSystems)

Rocket API process automation software automates your repetitive IBM i workflows for improved productivity across business operations. This includes faster call center response times where even a 30-second reduction can save high costs each year.

Maximize Productivity and Improve customer experience without increasing costs

Our process automation software converts repetitive, time-consuming tasks like data entry, tracking, and escalation into automated user-centric workflows. This allows your customer service representatives to focus on higher-value customer interactions instead of mechanical tasks.

Expose the valuable information stored in your host application

Rocket API Process Automation Software:

  • Helps you unlock the valuable information stored in your host applications for use virtually anywhere: cloud, mobile, self-service applications, and more
  • Enables developers to create application APIs from host-based applications—without requiring modifications to the underlying source
  • Ensures with its built-in intelligence that codebase changes do not break the connection between your APIs and the applications that call them
  • Coordinates your business operations to help you keep pace with your competition and strengthen market leadership

Rocket API comes in versions designed specifically for your IBM i [AS/400] (or IBM zSystem) platform.

With our Rocket API Process Automation Solutions, you can:

  • Build host application functionality into web and mobile assets for improved employee productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Use it as a “low-code” tool to simplify API creation of your IBM i (or zSystems) applications
  • Turn your proven, host-based systems into modern API-enabled platforms utilizing SOAP or RESTful services, making integrating core business functionality into web or mobile experiences easy
  • Reduce manual steps to transfer data from one system to another
  • Manage modernization projects centrally and create separation of duties
  • Deploy, manage, and secure your APIs to any local, cloud, or hybrid cloud environment

Rocket API’s Enterprise-Enhancing Extras:

  • Self-healing APIs
    • Since APIs are built on business logic, they will continue to work even if legacy applications change (updated green screens)
  • Advanced integration
    • Link your critical business apps with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning functions
  • DevOps with full auditing for your IBM i apps
  • Leverage Rocket ® Process Insights with Rocket API
    • Rocket API helps you automate your high valued IBM i workflows as informed by the Rocket Process Insights visual tool