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Rocket® Journal Manager™

Optimize development and performance for your applications

Comprehensive journal management tool that helps your organization control all IDMS journal archive-based activities within an z/OS® environment

A comprehensive menu-driven journal management tool, Rocket Journal Manager keeps track of, and controls, journal archive files used in CA-IDMS recovery. In addition to streamlining daily, weekly, or monthly journal consolidation, it can be used with Rocket Replication Agent for journal-based replication, and with Rocket Tracer for reporting and auditing. Recovery procedures have accurate and precise input because information is captured, and journal files are saved to the Journal Manager VSAM file.

Rocket Journal Manager:
Integrates with any other tool designed to use journal archive files
Provides an online archive management facility with information useful to decision making
Enables control of consolidated journal archives
Captures information for journal archive data sets and local mode journal update jobs
Automates journal offload awareness via the IDMSAJNX exit
Automates local mode journal awareness via REPLLOCL
Controls and automates the use of files for replications and recoveries of database updates