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Rocket® PreAlert®

Optimize development and performance for your applications

A real-time control system that monitors IDMS activity and helps organizations manage growing workloads and meet SLAs.

Rocket PreAlert provides technical staff with statistical displays and alerts them to exception conditions. It corrects problems across single or multiple central versions (CVs) within the IDMS environment. It helps resolve unexplained system slowdowns or system interruptions. With this application, staff can also analyze and alleviate data dictionary hang-ups, looping, and deadlocks. PreAlert helps your IDMS professionals handle additional responsibilities while remaining confident in their existing operations.

Rocket PreAlert:
Provides for operation under a TSO/ISPF environment to make split-screen operation and ISPF-like PF key definitions possible
Provides online, real-time statistics to avoid disruptions to system throughput
Monitors IDMS from outside the CV to help detect and resolve problems, even when the CV is locking up or a transaction is looping
Allows for multiple threshold definitions so that a unique level of action can be automatically triggered, depending upon the exception condition that occurs
Allows for tailoring of screens