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Rocket® Virtual DB

Optimize development and performance for your applications

Create multiple virtual copies of IDMS databases for use across a broad range of environments

Virtual DB reduces the amount of DASD required to support multiple database copies and breaks through the limitations inherent in partial data and simulated test cases. A virtual database is a self-contained copy of an existing database. The self-contained image looks like an actual IDMS database and is transparent to IDMS, its utilities, and application programs. You can perform all database functions against the virtual database. Under a virtual database, the existing database is protected from update. All updates are written to a shadow file instead of to the existing database.

As a result, multiple users or groups of users can work with independent shadow files and thus have the ability to share a single existing physical database with no coordination effort or data integrity issues. Virtual DB also allows a shadowed view of the production database from the QA or test CV and although it uses only a small differential changes VSAM file, the entire production database can be viewed through it. This allows a programmer to instantly recreate production problems from the test system using the exact data that their user used.

Rocket Virtual DB:
Keeps all updates in a shadow file that does not impact baseline data
Restores initial test or training environments without doing actual restores
Utilizes a site’s production database for production or quality assurance testing, thereby enabling production testing without impacting a site’s database
Requires no changes to application software
Enables your organization to execute hot backups against an IDMS database
Provides realistic IDMS test environments, allowing test runs and training against production data in actual structures
Isolates multiple test environments by separately storing changes made by programs that run against the database
Conserves DASD by not requiring full copies of databases to provide multiple database environments