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Modernize your mainframe and iSeries application interfaces without COBOL or RPG expertise

Rocket Modern Experience (Web Edition) (Formerly Rocket LegaSuite Web)

Rocket Modern Experience (Web Edition) is a powerful mainframe modernization tool that makes it easy to modernize any legacy green screen application into a user-friendly web, mobile, or cloud experience.

Rocket Modern Experience (Desktop Edition)

Rocket Modern Experience (Desktop Edition) is the mainframe modernization solution that transforms your green-screen app into a modern IBM i (AS/400) or IBM zSystem desktop experience.

Your IBM digital transformation starts here

You're running critical business applications on your IBM® i/Z System, and there's tremendous pressure to deliver modern experiences, regardless of where an application lives. Yet your RPG/COBOL developers have a list of projects a mile long; getting their time to fulfill your mainframe and iSeries coding and programming needs can be challenging. With Rocket® Modern Experience, you can easily build modern user experiences for your mainframe and iSeries applications without relying on developers with COBOL or RPG programming expertise. Build modern user experiences, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction with our mainframe modernization solutions.