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Working Together to Modernize Mainframe Security the Right Way

Cynthia Overby

July 23, 2020

We know the mainframe is here to stay and will continue to support enterprises on their digitalization journeys. Mainframe vulnerabilities and security, however, have long been ignored. Even though data breach prevention is the top priority for 95% of companies, scanning for vulnerabilities ranks last among important factors when managing mainframe security.

Protecting the mainframe from vulnerabilities has been a passion for our team for many years. We’ve been working hard to bring the topic into the light and grow a community of IT security professionals that know what it takes to safeguard businesses. But we can’t go it alone.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with BMC Software to bring z/Assure® VAP, the first and only software that can identify and categorize the severity of mainframe vulnerabilities, to more companies across the globe. Not only will Key Resources serve as BMC’s preferred vendor for mainframe vulnerability scanning, but the BMC Software team will also be using our product within their own environment.

Why collaborate with BMC?

First and foremost, we want to work with an innovative company, made up of individuals who care deeply about the quality of the software and services they provide to their customers.

By integrating z/Assure VAP directly into their own development process, BMC not only ensures that all of the software maintains top-level integrity, it illustrates their commitment to mainframe security. Their unmatched experience, supporting 84% of the Forbes Global 100, and customer-centric approach speaks to BMC’s ability to help companies keep their data safe.

Conquering mainframe vulnerabilities isn’t just about finding them. Customers need software that helps solve problems, rather than just ringing the alarm. BMC gets that, and they understand that organizations need a process for following and tracking vulnerabilities in order to mitigate them. They have built a security team that we believe understands how to secure the mainframe to meet the challenges facing organizations in these complex times.

Bringing mainframe vulnerabilities out of the dark is essential if we want to tap the potential of this technology. The industry must bring its collective expertise together to increase awareness, share knowledge, and advise on solutions. We’re excited to extend our reach with the team at BMC Software to keep pushing mainframe security forward.

To learn more about our partnership with BMC, read the press release here.