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Rocket Software survey finds only 28% are highly confident in addressing mainframe vulnerabilities. Choose Rocket Software for unmatched protection against rising cyber threats.

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Identify threats.
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In a complex hybrid IT environment, the mainframe is a bastion facilitating billions of global transactions daily. However, only 33% of organizations routinely incorporate security measures in their mainframe strategies, inadvertently exposing themselves to substantial risks. The current landscape where over 50% of large companies find it daunting to halt cyberattacks emphasizes the pressing need for fortified security measures.

Rocket Software enables you to be among the vigilant 28% who address mainframe vulnerabilities with confidence. Our solutions are designed to identify, locate, and combat the threats that concern 95% of companies today, providing a sanctuary of security in a tumultuous digital landscape. By prioritizing mainframe security with Rocket Software, you safeguard not just data, but the very reputation and operational stability of your enterprise, steering clear of financial, legal, and reputational hazards.

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Data System Access. User Authentication. Encryption.

  • 69%

    of organizations leverage data and system access to enhance their mainframe security.

  • 57%

    utilize user authentication and access controls to safeguard their systems.

  • 56%

    apply encryption for data both at rest and in transit to maintain data integrity and security.

  • Identify, locate, and combat threats: Anticipate vulnerabilities and devise strategies ahead of potential threats that could impact your business.
  • Automate threat detection: Only 33% of organizations frequently factor security in their mainframe decisions. Be part of the proactive percentile that leverages automation for a robust mainframe security posture.
  • Intelligent Vulnerability Management: Navigate the challenging landscape with tools designed to manage mainframe vulnerabilities intelligently and efficiently, helping you to stay on top of regulatory environments that impact your mainframe's security.
  • Compliance Assurance: With a constantly changing regulatory landscape, ensure that you remain compliant while adapting to new regulations swiftly and seamlessly.
  • Business Resilience: Build a fortress of security that not only protects but ensures business continuity, safeguarding your company’s reputation and market share.

Guard your powerhouse. Without compromising your adaptability.

With Rocket Software, securing your mainframe isn't just about defending against threats—it's about evolving to meet the diverse challenges of today’s dynamic, hybrid IT environments. We understand that the mainframe is a crucial entity that enables billions of transactions globally, every single day. And yet, it is not impervious to threats that are constantly evolving in complexity and sophistication.

Secure your Mainframe ecosystem.
Every layer.
All the time.

Dive into Rocket's Mainframe Security solutions suite and empower your enterprise to mitigate risks, uphold compliance, and ensure data integrity at every turn.

Unearth system vulnerabilities

Harness z/Assure® VAP – the exclusive tool that automatically scans and pinpoints vulnerabilities within your mainframe operating system code.
Learn more about Rocket z/Assure® VAP

Embark on Integrity Assessments

Enable your enterprise to gauge risk exposure and fortify your defenses against breaches that can lead to financial repercussions or regulatory infringements.
Learn more about Integrity Assessments

Enhance security with Expert Testing

Delve deep into your z/OS security framework through top-tier, expert-led vulnerability assessments with our mainframe penetration testing.
Learn more about Mainframe Pen Testing

Ensure compliance across frameworks

Achieve streamlined evaluations for CA ACF2®, CA Top Secret®, and RACF® environments. Remain on par with industry benchmarks like DISA STIGs, PCI DSS, and HIPAA.
Learn more about Compliance Risk Assessment

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