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Rocket® Terminal Emulator (Web Edition)

Simplify web and mobile access to critical host-based systems

Rocket® Terminal Emulator (Web Edition) simplifies access to host-based applications and data anytime, anywhere and on any device. A cost-effective, feature-rich alternative to other emulators, this solution will satisfy your users and your budget.   

Do you trust your terminal emulator vendor?

Help your employees deliver a better customer experience

Rocket Terminal Emulator (WE) delivers secure, browser-based emulation to any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, or other mobile devices. 

Your proven mainframe, IBM® i, and VT-based applications are now accessible from any browser. Freeing your users from fixed terminals allows them to be more productive and deliver better, faster customer support. Your in-store sales team has instant access to inventory, shipping information and pricing. Warehouse employees can anticipate stocking schedules, perform on-demand pick reports, and file incident reports at any time. Access to key data and systems is now available to anyone who needs it.

Exceptional functionality at a fraction of the cost

Terminal emulation is critical to the operations of your business. But a solid, configurable, enterprise-class solution shouldn’t break the budget. 

Rocket Terminal Emulator (WE) has flexible licensing options and some of the lowest prices available. Unlike some vendors, Rocket works with our customers.

Deliver secure terminal emulation with zero-footprint

Rocket Terminal Emulator (WE) runs within any browser without plug-ins or local installation. 

It uses common web standards for security, including:

  • Node.js
  • JavaScript
  • SSH security
  • HTML5 web browsers

Security runs on the host through built-in connections to LDAP or SAF (RACF) for authentication, or you can use your installed identity management software. Multi-factor authentication can be integrated with either Okta or Duo.

Provide remote host access to third-party users

In industries like government and finance, partners and other third parties might need access to applications on your host system. With Rocket Terminal Emulator (WE), you can deliver secure host access to remote users without needing a VPN connection. Easily create a group in the Rocket Terminal Emulator (WE) administrative console for third party permissions and access.