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Customer Case Study


Reducing Costs & Upgrade Times with Rocket Terminal Emulator

BerkOne, headquartered in the United States, is a leader in content and process automation solutions for organizations working in highly regulated industries, including government, healthcare, and manufacturing, that need the highest levels of audit, security, and compliance. Since its founding in 1936, BerkOne’s forward-thinking and superior customer care has made it stand out among its competitors.

BerkOne’s terminal emulator was complicated to install and upgrade, hindering the company’s workflows and customer experience.
  • Cost Savings: Thanks to Rocket Terminal Emulator’s intuitive features and flexible licensing, BerkOne anticipates a 48% cost savings in its terminal emulation processes.
  • Deployment: With Rocket Terminal Emulator’s seamless script updates and upgrades, BerkOne estimates as much as an 80% savings in upgrade times.
  • Redeployed company resources to help deliver new customer initiatives
  • Remote access and support
BerkOne & Rocket Terminal Emulator
Rocket Terminal Emulator allows our clients to successfully connect from various customized systems and we continue to receive positive feedback from those users. Rocket Terminal Emulator reduces BerkOne’s overall support costs and frees up time for our technical resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.
Kristen Dougherty
Director of Information Technology