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Rocket® Imagine®

A cloud-native platform for modernizing the most complex and demanding pre-cloud applications

Future proof your applications and unlock innovation

Rocket Imagine combines modern languages, development tools, and practices with a low-risk, iterative process for modernizing applications while closing the skills gap and driving an evolution from maintenance to innovation.

Illuminate data and refactor business logic

Rocket Imagine efficiently and securely stores your most complex data as schema-described JSON objects. Its highly automated tools refactor application code into TypeScript, significantly accelerating modernization while increasing accuracy and reducing risk.

Structure and navigation of data not constrained by dated technologies

Rocket Imagine manages data as business objects

Rocket Imagine supports a more natural structure for business objects, avoiding the requirement to flatten the data which harms performance and overly complicates business logic. And unlike “NoSQL” document stores, Rocket Imagine provides transactional integrity and strong schema support.

Rocket Imagine, a true post-relational solution

Perfect for modernizing older applications, Rocket Imagine tightly integrates a TypeScript/JavaScript application server with a high-performance, scale out NoSQL database for managing JSON objects with strong schema support and ACID transaction semantics.

Highly automated iterative modernization process

Our highly automated tooling exploits the impedance match between Rocket Imagine and pre-relational systems, supporting iterative modernization. The tool refines data into highly accessible JSON objects and refactors application code into modular Typescript.

Cloud-native and hardware agnostic

The unique design of Rocket Imagine provides hybrid scale-out across all popular hardware, including “cloud bursting” from mainframes into hyper-scaled clouds, even while supporting complex hierarchical data objects and large transactions.