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Scalable data-intensive applications for IBM zSystem

The Rocket® M204™ family of products couple a high-performance NoSQL database providing full ACID transaction support with an object-oriented 4GL programming language. The combination supports rapid creation and deployment of scalable, zIIP-enabled applications on IBM® zSystems™.

The tight integration of database and language provides streamlined development and deployment - supported by tools for everything from connectivity to performance and monitoring. Highly performant data ingest tools and integrated web server support makes it easy to transform data into intranet, Internet, or extranet applications.

Unparalleled NoSQL Transactional Performance

  • High-performance applications with complex and large NoSQL objects, including full ACID transaction semantics at very high update rates.

Rapid application development and deployment

  • Language integration with DBMS provides native access to database objects without complex data access layers, resulting in dramatically simpler application structure that streamlines application development and deployment

High-performance affordable applications at scale

  • Efficient architecture leverages zIIP specialty engines to support highly scalable performant applications with a low Total Cost of Ownership