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Making Data More Accessible Through Hybrid Cloud

Mike Siemasz

Businesses are increasingly adopting hybrid cloud storage for data management and protection. In fact, according to a recent Rocket Software report, 93% of IT leaders want a hybrid IT model spanning mainframe to cloud. That’s because at the heart of every business decision is data, and hybrid cloud enables businesses to get the most out of their data.

Data can unlock undiscovered potential for organizations. Whether you’re building out fraud detection or working to gain a competitive advantage with new market opportunities, the AI and ML training engines that drive this kind of innovation are only as effective as the data they are given. Hybrid cloud blends the power of the mainframe with the innovation of the cloud, letting companies unlock the full potential of their data. Hybrid cloud also enables companies to be more agile and resilient, eliminate data siloes, and optimize workloads.

Understanding the State of Data Usability

An often overlooked yet critical factor in the decision-making process for data storage is the accessibility of the data. Before opting for either the mainframe, the cloud, or a combination of both, organizations must gain a comprehensive understanding of where their data is located and how accessible it is. This step is crucial because data, no matter how vast, holds little value if it is not readily accessible and usable for the intended purposes.

Organizations frequently encounter pockets of unstructured data that are not accounted for. This unstructured data, often scattered across various departments or systems, can be a gold mine of insights if properly harnessed. However, its disorganized nature often makes it underutilized or even completely overlooked.

Acknowledging the existence of such data, and understanding its current state of usability, is a vital first step. Once identified, organizations can then determine the most suitable approach to make this data operational—whether that involves retaining it on a secure mainframe, migrating it to a more flexible cloud environment, or a combination of both for a hybrid solution.

In addressing these challenges, collaboration with experienced vendors like Rocket Software becomes key. Rocket Software can offer specialized expertise and tools to help organizations unlock the potential of their data. Whether it's through advanced data discovery techniques, integration with cloud-based AI, ML and analytics technologies, or archiving to reduce on-prem storage costs, a partnership with Rocket Software can transform inaccessible data into actionable insights or cost savings opportunities.

Rocket Software Solutions for Data Integration and Beyond

No matter where you are in your modernization journey, your data is the logical place to start. With the following Rocket Hybrid Cloud solutions, you can maximize the value of your data by discovering, querying, replicating/syncing, and storing data efficiently with or in the cloud:

Rocket Data Intelligence: Integrate, analyze, and manage data across sources and platforms, regardless of whether they are on-premises or in the cloud. Streamline analytics and data management processes in hybrid cloud environments when dealing with data distributed across multiple platforms.

Rocket Data Virtualization: Reduce the time, cost, and risk required to move data off the mainframe with ETL by providing secure access to data sources in-place. Unlock data for application development and enhancement and generate new insights that improve customer experiences, revenue opportunities, and risk mitigation.

Rocket Data Replicate and Sync: Facilitate batch and real-time data replication, integration, and bi-directional synchronization between distributed, mainframe, and cloud platforms. Ensure data consistency and accessibility for hybrid cloud use cases ranging from coexistence to digital transformation to gradual migration.

Rocket Cloud Connector: Reduce mainframe storage costs and keep data secure and accessible with seamless connectivity and data exchange between mainframe storage systems and cloud storage, allowing you to copy and move mainframe data to private or public cloud storage or on-prem storage appliances.

Rocket Content Services: Seamlessly integrate, manage, and utilize content across platforms in a hybrid cloud environment. Whether it’s on-premises or cloud infrastructure, address complexities in content storage and enable efficient collaboration and utilization of data resources.

Modernize your IT infrastructure with Rocket Software.