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Why should your organization bother updating its existing terminal emulation solution?

As businesses everywhere are embarking on modernization journeys and moving toward a hybrid cloud solution, terminal emulation can be a crucial part of the modernization process (or even a standalone initiative). The right terminal emulator may help reduce costs while delivering a fresher, more modern user experience, can increase the attractiveness of the work environment for younger employees who are replacing the retiring workforce, and so much more!

In the following IDC Analyst Connection Q&A, sponsored by Rocket Software, Terminal Emulation Should Be Easy to Use, Easy to Access, Cost Efficient, and Secure, Rocket Software speaks with Peter Rutten, Research Vice President within IDC’s Worldwide Infrastructure Practice, to learn more about the value of terminal emulation.

In the Q&A, we’ll discuss how to:

  • Identify some of the key challenges organizations run into with terminal emulation.
  • Find out what customers, like you, need from a terminal emulation vendor.
  • Discover which capabilities terminal emulation customers covet most.
  • Lean how capabilities, like good security and protocol support, tie into remote work.
  • Uncover what customer requirements are, or should be, for adopting a new terminal emulation solution.