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Get the most out of your IBM zSystems mainframe investment


We've been committed to the IBM® zSystems™ mainframe platform from day one, and we've been developing and building tools to help organizations around the world get more out of their mainframe investments for more than 26 years. Our close partnership with IBM gives us unmatched insight into the zSystems platform and technology, and our investment in mainframe R&D increases every year.

With solutions focused on data management, performance optimization, catalog and system management, disaster recovery, storage management and security, the largest companies in the world rely on Rocket® mainframe solutions to support their payroll processing, timely healthcare diagnoses, banking transactions, mutual fund deposits, flight reservations, and more.


Why Rocket Mainframe Solutions?

  • A commitment to IBM zSystems mainframes: We're focused on developing tools that help companies running IBM mainframes get the most out of their investments
  • Mainframes are at the heart of our business: We’ve been developing for IBM  Systems mainframes since day one
  • A focus on mainframe innovation: We’re helping to ensure that the IBM zSystems mainframe continues to be one of the world’s premier computing platforms
  • Our unique, enduring partnership with IBM: We're working together to develop new, innovative products and services for mainframe customers
  • We’re active in the global mainframe community: We love mainframes as much as you do, and we’re committed to supporting the global community


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