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Optimizing Data Management
with Rocket® Folders

Rocket® Folders enables organizations to capture, index, and catalogue large amounts of data – regardless of format or source – for long-term archiving.

Rethink the way you build and use archives
Centralize your enterprise information repository for anywhere access to documents throughout their lifecycle journey – from conversion to storage, retention, archiving, and disposal.

Untether your IT professionals
Manage format and output streams from multiple information sources while ensuring secure access to legacy information from new applications.

The average lifespan of an application is 5 years, and some regulations require companies to keep information as records for 20 years or longer. To mitigate compliance risk, organizations must rethink the way they archive documents and output streams—including those that have been decommissioned.

Preserving information for compliance, tax, sales, and retention requires a contemporary approach. Rocket® Folders enables organizations to securely archive and access high volumes of legacy information—whatever its format or source.

Powerful Document

Rocket Folders enables users to retrieve an unlimited number of documents with fast response time, ensuring organizations have access to critical data for business applications. 

Modernize with Rocket Software. Without disruption.