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Responsible for delivering water and wastewater services to one of the United Kingdom’s wettest regions, this publicly traded utilities organization delivers some 200 million liters of water per day to the more than 3 million homes and businesses within its jurisdiction.

When you’re tasked with delivering clean drinking water to millions of homes and businesses each and every day, a robust data backup environment is key to ensuring uninterrupted service. Here’s how a major U.K. regional water services provider leveraged the powerful backup monitoring and reporting capabilities of Rocket® Servergraph to solve an inexplicably ballooning database and ensure customers’ taps keep running strong.

The company prides itself on delivering the best service at the lowest sustainable costs, while also remaining environmentally and ecologically responsible. To achieve that, the company relies on a vast network of digital technologies to manage their infrastructure, monitor key activities, and transmit information between the 5,000+ individuals in business’ employ.

Being one of the region’s core utilities providers, the water company knows that it is imperative that their digital systems be available 24/7/365 — which is why it came as such a concern when the company’s database administrators noticed that some of their backup databases were filling up at more than five times the usual rate, judging from the sizes of the original files. All of the blank space the software was creating could have eventually disabled their backup systems. And while their backup software told them how fast the databases were growing — this was what initially alerted them to the problem — it couldn’t tell them how or why it was growing so quickly because it didn’t provide visibility into the company’s backup environment.


It was Rocket® Servergraph that ultimately saved the day for the water company. Compatible with a wide range of popular backup software products, Servergraph is a backup monitoring solution that makes it easy to identify and resolve problems before they start affecting business activities. In the water company’s case, Servergraph enabled database admins to drill-down and list the individual files in the backup environment, which led to the discovery that there were numerous duplicate files taking up extra space. That discovery roused the company to introduce a new weekly compact-and-merge process, a change which the company reports has saved them a staggering 99 terabytes in data storage space alone.

“Without Servergraph, we would have been unable to locate the actual source of the issue,” says the company’s director of operations. “Over the course of just a few replication cycles, it helped us massively stabilize our backup environment. With Servergraph, we’ve been able to reduce our usage of available space and bring our backup environment back to a more comfortable and responsive state.”

This wasn’t the only issue that Servergraph alerted the water company to. Using the same technique they used to uncover the errors in replication, the company’s database admins learned that several of their backup agents were incorrectly configured. This time, the fix helped the company recover 27 terabytes in storage space. “Once again, without Servergraph providing the precision and insight we needed, we would have been completely in the dark,” the operations director reports.

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Backups are an absolutely essential activity, especially for businesses in industries that demand high availability. Time and time again, Servergraph has identified and alerted us to potential issues in our backups, allowing us to intervene before they ever pose a threat to our service. For that reason, we consider Servergraph a crucial asset in our mission to provide high-quality, reliable service to the homes and businesses throughout our region.
Director of Digital Services and Central Operations
Major U.K. Drinking Water and Wastewater Services Provider