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Coamo Agroindustrial Cooperativa (Coamo)

Modernizing Applications with Rocket® Uniface
Food Distribution
Coamo provides agricultural services, purchasing and selling grains, soybeans, corn, wheat, and other crops. Founded in November 1970 in Paraná, Brazil, Coamo and its members are now present in 75 cities in South America. Over half a century, what was a small association of farmers from a region little known in Brazil has become one of the largest business powers in the country, bringing together more than 30,000 members.
Coamo has accumulated more than 300 applications that drive back-end and front-end processes to handle critical business functions such as generating sales price quotes right up to the point when farmers sell their produce. A huge network of farmers, who run some of the largest agricultural industries in the country, depend on Coamo applications. 3,000 simultaneous users commonly access these applications, containing tens of thousands of screens. Rocket® Uniface was already deeply integrated into Coamo's mission-critical business operations, with nearly 80% of its applications running on an older version of Uniface. Outdated applications present security risks and can spell trouble for farmers who rely on Coamo daily. With this in mind, Coamo needed to update and modernize its legacy applications to better support farmers in Coamo's footprint.
  • Simplified Modernization: Coamo was able to successfully modernize hundreds of mission-critical applications and upgrade to the latest version of Uniface quickly.
  • Low-Code Interface: Rocket Uniface enables 100+ Coamo developers to work on requirements rather than technology, taking the complexity out of building modern business applications.
  • Security: Support from Rocket Software allowed Coamo's existing application to stay up to date with the latest features – patching any security holes, fixing bug issues, and improving overall performance.
Our business operations run on Rocket Uniface. Through our strong and ongoing partnership with Rocket Software, we can modernize our applications without disrupting our business.
Francisco Covessi Junior
IT Administrative Management Coordinator