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This banking institution is one of the largest in Canada.


Terminal emulation is a mission-critical technology component for this banking institution. As part of its operations, terminal emulation serves as a gateway or portal to the applications that exist on its mainframe systems. If a personal banking or business customer comes to the bank with a question about their account or a recent transaction, terminal emulation enables staff to access the necessary information and respond to queries quickly. Over time, the bank accumulated several disparate terminal emulation solutions to keep up with the fast pace of business. However, as a result of these disparate solutions, the bank began facing challenges. It became difficult to address IT needs and provide support for users across departments with differing tools, maintenance needs, and growing costs around managing subscriptions and pricing for each different solution. With that in mind, the bank decided it needed to begin reducing the number of terminal emulation solutions it uses to help reduce complexities that surrounded managing multiple subscriptions, vendor contracts, and varying user support needs.
From the beginning, Rocket Terminal Emulator has been incredibly easy to implement within our organization. Working with Rocket Software to consolidate our terminal emulation tools has helped reduce complexity without disrupting operations.
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