Customer Success

A North American-Based Packaged Foods Company

Improving efficiency in food manufacturing and distribution

Access to food is vital to any community, so when it comes to making and distributing the products people depend on, it’s crucial that the data management systems behind food distribution operations run smoothly. For one client that supplies packaged foods to restaurants, supermarkets and the food service industry, that meant improving visibility into their NetApp storage arrays (which contained old data) and an efficient, cost-effective way to manage the migration of their data to another object storage platform.


The company selected Rocket® Arkivio® to help them migrate new data and organize inactive data—a manual, time-consuming affair. Arkivio allowed them to automate and optimize the migration process and reduce the cost and time needed to complete traditional data management tasks. The company had a tight project roll-out timeline, and was concerned about a product issue that arose early in the implementation that caused problems with scanning data. We assembled a team of developers and support specialists to create an action plan and resolve the issue quickly. A senior Rocket engineer also went on-site to test the new software build after the fix was applied, ensuring it was working as expected and providing additional client training. We also created customized policies for data management to save the company additional time when identifying older data. The total time from isolating the fix to problem resolution was just under two weeks.

Our implementation help and full support afterward were key to helping this client minimize the cost and time involved in migrating their data to another object storage platform.
Robert Young
Director, Sales Engineering
Rocket Software