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The most powerful way to make a difference is by giving back
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Food deserts, defined as low-income areas where at least a third of the population does not have access to a supermarket, have seen increasing attention in recent years as researchers discover the links between lack of access to healthy food options and the high rates of heart disease, diabetes and other diseases among America’s poor. That’s why Juice Plus+, the health and wellness company famous for its juice powder concentrate products, has committed itself to donating 10 million of its Complete by Juice Plus+ shakes to individuals that have limited access to daily nutrition. Getting millions of nutritional shakes to individuals across the country is logistically complex, however, and Juice Plus+ relies heavily on digital technologies to get the job done. When the company embarked on its 10 Million Meals initiative, the company knew it needed a robust database that can efficiently scale with any increases or decreases in production or distribution. Thankfully, Juice Plus+ found a strong IT infrastructure partner in Rocket partner Paradigm Systems, which provides the tools the team need to keep their infrastructure functioning at peak performance.


For Juice Plus+ and all its customers, Paradigm Systems’ Mercury Flash software is specifically designed to manage and tune the Rocket UniData and UniVerse application development platforms, collectively known as Rocket U2, which deliver high availability solutions that stand up to the needs of modern business. The key differentiators for UniData and UniVerse are their MultiValue database models, which are not only more efficient than other database models, but also accelerate application development time. Says Parker Mabry, senior director of global information technology for Juice Plus+, “Paradigm Systems has been an amazing partner and their software keeps our systems performing at their best which helps us in the 10 Million Meals program and all our missions. One of our strategic advantages is the software we use, based on Rocket Software’s UniData and UniVerse database application platforms. From manufacturing to logistics to distribution, UniData and UniVerse have the flexibility and the scalability to support our growth. And Mercury Flash keeps it all running. Moreover, the systems are efficient and cost-effective, which gives us an edge in the highly competitive health and wellness spaces.”

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Rocket has proven itself in industries from aerospace and materials manufacturing to real estate and restaurants. Juice Plus+’s decision to continue to leverage this tried-and-true platform has proved to be a strategic asset in an industry where the prevailing attitude is rip-and-replace. I’m proud to have supported Juice Plus+ in their mission to get needy Americans access to convenient nutrition.
Jay LaBonte
President and CEO, Paradigm Systems