Cristie Nordic AB

Grows Business While Enhancing Service Levels to Customers
IT Consultancy and Managed Services
Cristie Nordic AB is one of the Nordic region’s leading IT providers specializing in solutions for disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Established in 1997, the employee-owned firm offers complete system solutions from feasibility studies to onsite and offsite services. The service provider's clients include some of the largest companies in the world, as well as SMBs and organizations in the public sector.
In 2014, the company saw an opportunity to expand its enterprise backup and recovery business to the mid-market through cloud-based managed services. However, Cristie Nordic had difficulty convincing its customers to migrate data from on-premise backup and recovery systems to the cloud. The challenge was not the change of control of the data assets, but the perceived lack of visibility into the data. Customers expressed concern about whether backup of data that went into the cloud was really complete. Their perception was they couldn’t gauge their data growth, or accurately predict what their hosting charges would be in the next quarter or year.
  • Provided customers with the visibility into their data they required to feel confident about moving their backups to the cloud
  • Delivered intelligent capacity planning tools to customers— maximizing resources
  • Introduced automatic billing and chargeback—simplifying accounting processes and winning more businesses by providing transactional insight to customers
  • Grew business exponentially in two years
  • Managed Services
Servergraph has allowed us to expand our MSP business quite rapidly. We have seamlessly grown backup data under management from 100 TB to 3 PB within two years in a region of the world that on average has smaller companies with less data.
Magnus Thunberg
Data Protection Specialist
Cristie Nordic AB