Customer Success

American Fidelity Assurance

Delivering actionable insights to drive business outcomes
As an employee-focused insurer structured on the fundamental belief that the most important asset anyone has is their ability to work and earn a living, American Fidelity strives to provide innovative experiences and solutions that make life easier for their clients. The company turned to Rocket® Data Intelligence to modernize its data management operations and take a more strategic approach to customer support.
American Fidelity’s data ecosystem evolved over six decades to include hundreds of applications across different departments and environments within the mainframe and became difficult to track.
  • Visibility: Rocket Data Intelligence's end-to-end lineage insights enabled American Fidelity to easily organize data, remove redundancies and simplify governance.
  • Time Savings: Data Intelligence increased operational productivity, reducing a 100-hour mapping project to a few queries that take only seconds to complete.
  • Decision-Making: The increased visibility and insights into customer data allowed American Fidelity’s employees to take a more strategic and personal approach to customer support.
We’ve got users now who are actively, cohesively, and collaboratively using all that data to drive questions. They’re developing insights, taking that to the next level, and finding champions to actually change our business models—we’re evolving.
Mark Nance, Chief Data Officer, American Fidelity Assurance