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Lift Off: The Rocket Software Rocketeer Profile Series - Get to Know JP Moresmau

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We talk a lot about our values of Empathy, Humanity, Trust, and Love here at Rocket Software. Those values help us keep our customers at the leading edge of their digital transformation and modernization journeys. However, that success is only possible because of the Rocketeers, who are all-in on those core values, bringing their passion and industry-leading expertise to every challenge that comes their way.

Our next Rocketeer to step into the spotlight is JP Moresmau, a principal software architect at Rocket Software. Designing the solutions that make Rocket Software’s products a reality, JP also researches new technologies and helps other teams build code and develop new processes. Join us as we get to know JP.

Fast Facts

One word to describe the Rocket culture? Goodwill

Coffee or tea?
Coffee, but not too much

Proud Moment?
Getting a warm welcome when I rejoined the Rocket Software family after leaving to help a startup

Favorite Rocket Software value?

Bucket List Destination?
Machu Picchu

What interested you in Rocket Software?

I actually joined Rocket Software through an acquisition. I was working at ASG Technologies when the company was acquired by Rocket Software in 2021. Before that, I had been with ASG Technologies for about 20 years.

When ASG was acquired, I initially thought I didn’t want to work at Rocket Software—the project I was working on changed, my team got moved around, and I wasn’t sure about my role. I left Rocket Software to work for a startup; when that failed, my previous boss at Rocket offered me my position back. This felt like such a massive mark of trust, and it helped me understand why Rocket Software was such a great company. I love my work as a software architect, and I feel so lucky I got a second chance.

What is one of your proudest moments during your time at Rocket Software?

I’m proud of spearheading our mentoring program. I helped create a program to support individuals, particularly junior developers from diverse backgrounds, who are striving to excel in software architecture. This initiative fosters growth opportunities and enhances collaboration across various teams and products within Rocket Software.

While it may not be a specific moment of pride, I believe my involvement in initiatives that facilitate personal and professional development and promote effective inter-team collaboration is precious and deserving of recognition.

Do you think Rocket Software’s core values of Empathy, Humanity, Trust and Love are unique from other companies? And how do you live by these in your day-to-day role?

What sets Rocket Software's values apart is its inherent focus on human qualities rather than solely emphasizing business success. Unlike many other companies where values primarily revolve around business objectives or customer satisfaction, Rocket Software's values encompass the well-being and fulfillment of its Rocketeers. This approach is refreshing and distinct, as it allows these values to be applicable beyond just the business context.

These values are not just taglines on the website but are regularly mentioned and integrated into company culture by leaders like Milan during Town Hall meetings. These values are more than just words—they are actively incorporated into the fabric of our daily operations, even if their connection to our work isn't always immediately apparent. This commitment to embodying and promoting human-centric values sets Rocket Software apart in the corporate landscape.

Rocket Software inspires an environment where diversity is celebrated and respected, people are valued for their unique contributions, and each Rocketeer feels a sense of belonging. The Rocket Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (RIDE) Program helps foster these beliefs. Tell us why you think DEI in the workplace is so important today. If you’ve participated in any RIDE initiatives previously, please share!

An integral part of my role involves supporting internal development and fostering growth opportunities for individuals, particularly transitioning to Rocket Software architecture roles. This aligns well with Rocket's broader initiatives to promote internal mobility, training, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs. As a company, we pride ourselves on our diversity, yet I acknowledge my position of privilege within the majority. Therefore, I appreciate the explicit efforts made through DEI programs to create space for underrepresented minorities and individuals facing unique challenges, allowing their voices to be heard and their talents to flourish.

I firmly believe in the necessity of explicit inclusivity efforts to ensure everyone feels valued and included. These programs are not just token gestures but are actively integrated into our company culture, with dedicated sections in our Town Hall meetings and initiatives such as mentorship programs and women managers programs. Additionally, our engagement in events like Black History Month fosters cultural exchange and adds richness to our workplace environment beyond the scope of our daily tasks. It's refreshing to have platforms like Slack channels where discussions extend beyond software development, promoting a holistic sense of community and belonging. These efforts not only enhance our workplace culture but also contribute to creating a more equitable and supportive environment for all employees.