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Lift Off: The Rocket Software Rocketeer Profile Series - Get to Know Chris England

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We talk a lot about our values of Empathy, Humanity, Trust and Love here at Rocket Software. Those values help us keep our customers at the leading edge of their digital transformation and modernization journeys. But that success is only possible because of the Rocketeers who are all-in on those core values, bringing their passion and industry-leading expertise to every challenge that comes their way.

Our next Rocketeer to step into the spotlight is Chris England, the vice president and head of global brand at Rocket Software. From messaging to customer satisfaction, Chris plays a key role in what makes Rocket Software, well, Rocket Software. Join us as we get to know Chris.

Fast Facts

One word to describe the Rocket culture? Family

Coffee or tea?

Proud Moment?
Paragliding in the Swiss Alps when I was 50

Favorite Rocket Software value?

Bucket List Destination?
The base camp at Mount Everest

What interested you in Rocket Software?

I saw Rocket Software's enormous potential from a brand perspective, and after meeting our CEO Milan during an interview, I thought, “Wow, I want to work for that person.” I felt drawn toward the ambitious vision Milan shared during our meeting. Plus, joining a talented marketing team made the opportunity even more appealing—it honestly checked all the boxes for me.

We’re set for an incredible future over the few years and beyond, both from a marketplace standpoint and people perspective. I look at us now, and the ambition of our organization blows me away. We really have something special here, and it should not be underestimated.

What is one of your proudest moments during your time at Rocket Software?

Launching Rocket Software’s new brand in 2022 was so exciting for the team and made me really proud. We launched internally first with over 40 brand workshops, and we educated over 2,000 Rocketeers on the brand refresh, the thinking and the strategy behind everything we had done. This was quickly followed by an external launch, new website, advertising campaign, and so on. One of many wins was a significant increase in brand awareness —it was incredible. Seeing everyone at Rocket Software working hard to pull this off made me proud to be a part of this company. It was a true team effort.

Do you think Rocket Software’s core values of Empathy, Humanity, Trust and Love are unique from other companies? And how do you live by these in your day-to-day role?

Our values transcend mere words on a PowerPoint; they're ingrained in our culture, unlike many companies where values are often an afterthought. At Rocket Software, our values have remained steadfast since inception. We prioritize daily actions that uphold those values, as evidenced by numerous instances that would take countless words to describe. Our values matter to our customers, too, and that’s rare.

Rocket Software inspires an environment where diversity is celebrated and respected, people are valued for their unique contributions, and each Rocketeer feels a sense of belonging. The Rocket Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (RIDE) Program helps foster these beliefs. Tell us why you think DEI in the workplace is so important today. If you’ve participated in any RIDE initiatives previously, please share!

Diversity of thinking is paramount to our success. We seek perspectives from many backgrounds, be it geographical, cultural, race, etc. This diversity fuels our problem-solving and innovation efforts, bringing fresh thinking and angles to the table. At Rocket Software, we're fortunate to see diversity in action. It's like being amidst an energetic atom, where ideas bounce off every corner, creating an atmosphere brimming with creativity and inspiration.

While we take pride in our existing global diversity, we acknowledge the constant need for improvement. Nevertheless, our organization has a rich tapestry of thinkers—from engineers to marketers to sales professionals—each bringing their own skills and perspectives. This blend of different thinking propels us forward, enabling us to tackle challenges from multiple angles and devise innovative solutions. Diversity isn't just a buzzword at Rocket Software; it's the cornerstone of our collective success and growth.