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Lift Off: The Rocket Software Rocketeer Profile Series - Get to Know Bill Bailey-Eisenhauer

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January 17, 2024

We talk a lot about our values of Empathy, Humanity, Trust, and Love here at Rocket Software. Those values help us keep our customers at the leading edge of their digital transformation and modernization journeys. But that success is only possible because of the Rocketeers who are all-in on those core values, bringing their passion and industry-leading expertise to every challenge that comes their way.

Our next Rocketeer to step into the spotlight is Bill Bailey-Eisenhauer, a senior corporate paralegal at Rocket Software. Known by his coworkers as “the mayor,” Bill is a crucial part of Rocket Software's legal team and a valued mentor to his peers.

Join us as we get to know Bill.

Fast Facts

One word to describe the Rocket culture? Ever-evolving

Coffee or tea?

Proud Moment?
Being featured in the 2004 annual report at TD Banknorth, now TD Bank, after stepping in at the last minute to assist a client with notetaking for service bids at Boston Logan Airport

Favorite Rocket Software value?

Bucket List Destination?
Angkor Wat in Cambodia, to explore and honor a potential part of my ancestry

What is your role at Rocket Software, and what does a typical day look like?

I am a senior corporate paralegal at Rocket Software and hold a broad set of responsibilities. My role spans contract reviews, supporting commercial operations, managing corporate compliance, and expediting processes for the executive leadership team. Beyond my legal duties, I try to foster an open environment of communication, encouraging questions, and acting as a supportive mentor for colleagues—because of this, I got the nickname “the mayor” around the office. I try to help streamline operations, build relationships, and facilitate a smooth workflow across departments within Rocket Software, even departments I’m not a part of.

What interested you in Rocket Software?

Having previously worked at a software company and relishing the vibrant, innovative culture, I wanted to be a part of that again. I consider myself pretty tech-savvy, and I have a bit of an affinity for the quirky, diverse individuals within such environments, which drew me toward Rocket Software. The opportunity to collaborate with a team that resonated with my values and offered a more established platform for growth made it an easy transition for me.

How would you describe the team and work environment within your department/Rocket Software?

It’s a very social environment. Before the pandemic, I would have lunch in the common kitchen area in Rocket Software's headquarters (Waltham, MA), creating different interactions across various departments in one space. Eventually, more people came to join me, and social bonding happened. Legal, HR, finance, and engineering teams gathered around the table, not just for work but for engaging conversations that created business discussions. This open workspace was a breeding ground for innovative ideas, efficient collaborations, and a genuine sense of connectedness among colleagues. It was so cool to be a part of a company where work was more than a task—it was a shared experience that was enriching both professionally and personally.

What projects/aspects of your job bring you the most excitement?

I thrive on engaging in conversations and relationships with vendors and business partners. I always try to establish a genuine connection and go beyond the transactional aspect of business. It’s so important to offer sincere appreciation and recognition to not only enhance the working relationship but build a deeper, more meaningful partnership.

What is one of your proudest moments during your time at Rocket Software?

I received a remarkable, personalized baseball jersey with "Mayor" printed on the back as a tribute from the executive leadership team. I was so surprised at the time, but it was really rewarding to be recognized as someone who bridges gaps and builds relationships across various teams. I love working at Rocket Software, and this jersey made me really proud to be here and to be doing what I do.

Do you think Rocket Software’s core values of Empathy, Humanity, Trust, and Love are unique from other companies? And how do you live by these in your day-to-day role?

Rocket Software's core values are embodied in every single conversation at this company; not many other businesses do that. To me, these values are deeply rooted in the understanding of employees’ worth and well-being. I always try to foster an open and inclusive culture to ensure everyone feels valued, regardless of their position or background.

Rocket Software inspires an environment where diversity is celebrated and respected, people are valued for their unique contributions, and where each Rocketeer feels a sense of belonging. The Rocket Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (RIDE) Program helps foster these beliefs. Tell us why you think DEI in the workplace is so important today. If you’ve participated in any RIDE initiatives previously, please share!

DEI is more than a mere catchphrase; it should be deeply integrated into a company's DNA. I see diversity not just in terms of ethnic backgrounds but as an instrument for diverse thoughts and business goals. This is an ongoing, iterative process, not just by attracting diverse talents but also by ensuring employee retention and providing pathways for growth within the organization. DEI is all about advocating for and nurturing diverse voices, acknowledging their value not just in representation but in their unique contributions and perspectives.

I am part of the RIDE program, where I help implement some of these ideas. I write articles on cultural celebrations, share my personal experiences as an African American man, and support other diverse perspectives. Additionally, I mentor colleagues within Rocket Software, providing guidance, advocating for their needs, and ensuring they feel valued and supported within the organization.