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Elevating Learning: A Dynamic Approach to Mastering Rocket MultiValue

Jeannette Shea

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead means more than just keeping pace—it requires innovation and adaptability. Led by Jason Huggins, the Rocket Software Performance Enablement team is revolutionizing the way newcomers acquire essential skills for MultiValue (MV)

Rocket eLearning is not just another training platform; it's a gateway to knowledge designed to empower learners at their own pace and convenience. The cornerstone of this initiative is Rocket's commitment to accessibility and availability—making learning accessible to everyone, wherever and whenever they choose.

Introducing Rocket's MV Fundamentals Learning Path

At the heart of Rocket eLearning lies the MV Fundamentals Learning Path, meticulously crafted to equip new hires with the foundational knowledge necessary to excel in MV application development. This comprehensive path spans eight essential topics, covering everything from querying files to optimizing performance with hashed files and indexes.

While officially supported on Rocket UniVerse and Rocket UniData, the MV Fundamentals path can easily relate to users of Rocket D3, Rocket jBASE, and Rocket OpenQM—ensuring inclusivity across the MV community.

Modernize Your Workflow with Rocket MV Basic for Visual Studio Code

In a nod to contemporary development practices, Rocket eLearning introduces the integration of VS Code with MultiValue application servers. Discover how harnessing the power of VS Code alongside Rocket MV Basic can streamline your development workflow and enhance productivity.

Embracing Dynamic Learning with Video Shorts

Recognizing the evolving landscape of learning, Rocket eLearning introduces a dynamic approach with Video Shorts—concise, focused videos designed to deliver specific skills or information in bite-sized portions. Ranging from one to two minutes, these videos offer a convenient solution for learners with busy schedules, allowing them to absorb knowledge efficiently and effectively.

Access video shorts on the Learn MultiValue website's top right block drawer. From mastering jBASE JELF to leveraging advanced features like Query ToJSON, each video offers valuable insights to propel your MV expertise to new heights.

Watch for additions to the eLearning site including replication, MVIS, and MV file administration.