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Elevating CICS Forensic Analysis to New Heights with Rocket® C\Prof

Ezriel Gross

In the complex landscape of mainframe environments, ensuring the seamless operation of critical applications is paramount. With IBM® CICS® Transaction Server for z/OS serving as a cornerstone, the need for efficient forensic analysis and problem-solving tools becomes even more pronounced. This is where Rocket® C\Prof steps in, offering a comprehensive solution for CICS performance analysis that empowers businesses to identify, visualize, and resolve issues with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Overcome CICS Challenges with Rocket C\Prof

Customers using CICS often encounter various challenges, from identifying performance bottlenecks to troubleshooting complex issues that impact transactional integrity. These challenges can lead to prolonged downtime, decreased productivity, and increased frustration for both users and administrators. However, Rocket® C\Prof offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges through its advanced features and functions.

  1. Time-Consuming Data Management: Without proper tools, customers often spend significant time sifting through diagnostic data to pinpoint issues. C\Prof streamlines this process by providing insights into individual transactions executed across multiple CICS regions. This capability reduces the time spent on data management, allowing organizations to focus efforts on problem resolution.
  2. Reproducing Issues: Reproducing problems can be a cumbersome and time-consuming task. C\Prof addresses this challenge by capturing and analyzing problems in real time as they occur. By leveraging point-in-time snapshots of CICS internal trace data, C\Prof minimizes the need to reproduce issues, enabling faster troubleshooting and resolution.
  3. Impact on Business-Critical Applications: Traditional diagnostic tools may significantly impact business-critical applications, affecting performance and availability. C\Prof operates with minimal impact by running outside of the CICS address space and requiring no modifications to the CICS environment. This seamless integration allows organizations to collect and interpret trace data without disrupting operations.
  4. Data Overload: Managing vast amounts of trace data can be overwhelming. C\Prof offers robust features to navigate through millions of transactions, including find, filter, save, and sort functions. Users can select transactions based on specific criteria, identify associated programs, analyze performance profiles, track program flows across multiple CICS regions, and review application calls in detail.
  5. Identifying Root Causes: Pinpointing the root cause of delays or problems is essential for efficient troubleshooting. C\Prof enables users to dive deep into trace events, allowing them to identify the root cause of issues accurately. With detailed insights into transactional behavior, users can address performance bottlenecks and ensure the optimal functioning of their applications.

Overall, Rocket® C\Prof empowers customers to overcome the challenges associated with CICS by providing real-time insights, seamless integration, and comprehensive analysis capabilities. By leveraging its advanced features and functions, organizations can streamline troubleshooting processes, minimize downtime, and optimize application performance effectively.

How Rocket® C\Prof Can Help Your Business

“While working with a customer, I used Rocket® C\Prof and found a bug that, when fixed, achieved greater than a 92% savings in CPU for a heavily used transaction. I discovered a documented performance issue that customers might have, and although it is documented by IBM as an issue that can occur, it is difficult to detect and verify, and unless there is some indication that this is occurring, most customers would not even think it could be an issue in their environment.

In this particular instance, many people had been looking to see why this customer needed more resources over the past several months to run this application. Until they used C\Prof to dive deeply into what the application was actually doing, the company never knew this bug existed.  Before deploying C\Prof, this company did not have a tool that could provide the level of detail needed to find, resolve, and prove that the problem was fixed.” —Ezriel Gross, Principal Solutions Advisor at Rocket Software and TechCrunch Contributor. Learn More about Ezriel’s journey with C\Prof here.

By providing a concise and user-friendly interface, C\Prof empowers application engineers to navigate trace data independently, freeing up system administrators to focus on other strategic initiatives. This division of labor enhances the overall efficiency of the IT team, allowing for a more agile and responsive approach to problem-solving.

Rocket® C\Prof revolutionizes CICS performance analysis by providing a powerful yet accessible toolset for forensic analysis and visualizing data. With its ability to capture and analyze problems in real time, C\Prof empowers organizations to maintain the optimal performance of their mainframe environments while enhancing the productivity of their IT teams. As businesses continue to rely on IBM® CICS® Transaction Server for z/OS, C\Prof emerges as an indispensable ally in the quest for seamless operations and unparalleled efficiency.

If you think Rocket® C\Prof is right for your mainframe modernization journey, learn more here.