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Take your COBOL business applications into the future with the productivity of modern development tools as well as the choice and flexibility of new platforms and architectures. Modernize COBOL using the latest technologies including Windows, UNIX, Linux, .NET, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), APIs, microservices, containers, and the cloud.

Flexible Application Deployment

Deploy COBOL to new platforms and architectures including distributed, virtual, container, and cloud environments.

Faster Application Delivery

Streamline COBOL development and testing using Agile, CI and DevOps tools-- without sacrificing quality.

COBOL Application Modernization

Modernize the COBOL application UI and business rules enabling access to web, mobile, microservices and cloud platforms.

Our Products

Micro Focus Visual COBOL

New tools for COBOL application modernization—Micro Focus™ Visual COBOL™ 9.0 by OpenText.

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Net Express/Server Express

Develop and deploy COBOL applications to a wide range of platforms including Windows, UNIX or Linux. Maintain and modernize existing OpenText™ Net Express and Server Express applications.

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Build and deploy ACUCOBOL applications across desktop, web, and mobile platforms. ACUCOBOL-GT portfolio offers developers a full suite of application modernization solutions, including AcuBench, AcuToWeb and the COBOL Virtual Machine.

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A proven development and deployment platform for RM/COBOL applications. These comprehensive development tools enable developers to reuse COBOL application logic and data to support new business requirements and initiatives.

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Take your ACUCOBOL-GT applications into the future with a new UI modernization solution. AcuToWeb is the perfect solution for the web and mobile deployment needs of ACUCOBOL applications.

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Micro Focus™ COBOL Analyzer

Enabling intelligent application insight and knowledge for COBOL developers. Comprehensive analysis through intuitive tools and interactive visualizations for COBOL applications.

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Database Connectors

Translate COBOL file I/O statements to SQL instructions operating against an RDMS. Easier data access using familiar tools such as Excel or Crystal Reports.

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OpenText™ Relativity brings the benefits of modern relational database access to COBOL applications and data. Enhance the data processing capabilities of COBOL applications. Make COBOL file data available for analytics using ODBC or JDBC connectivity.

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Engineered for enhancing performance, productivity and connectivity as well as embracing open source solutions.

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Modernize COBOL applications using .NET,
the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Containers and
Cloud with Visual COBOL.