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Customer Case Studies

Vormittag Associates, Inc.

New UI Helps Spur Double Digit Annual Growth
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions
Vormittag Associates, Inc. (VAI) has provided enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and expertise to more than 1,500 customers since 1978. Based in Ronkonkoma, NY, VAI serves industries ranging from hard goods to pharmaceuticals, engineering, and healthcare. The company’s flagship products include ERP solutions built for warehouse management, analytics, sales force automation, and more. Specializing in both cloud and on-premises deployment, VAI prides itself on the ability to meet customer needs while simultaneously innovating and improving its offerings.

Early in 2010, VAI noted a shift away from on-premises solutions in the ERP space. Customers that once balanced 80 percent on-site with 20 percent cloud operations were moving to the cloud. With business rivals already deep into cloud and web-enabled development, VAI needed a modernization initiative that would keep it competitive—without discarding 39 years of critical IP. The company also wanted to ensure that its investment in a new UI wouldn’t preclude focusing on other current customer initiatives.

VAI maintained all major functions with 5250 green-screen interfaces. When the company started working with Rocket, it had multifaceted requirements: a user-friendly interface with flexible grids and embed options, a single sign-on menu to help customers stay organized, and—most importantly—browser- and mobile-based capabilities—all with faultless integration with the company’s other applications. Customers of VAI were also expecting anytime, anywhere computing as well as the built-in responsiveness suitable for mobile deployment. “All of this,” explained VAI president and CEO Robert Vormittag, “became critical to us just to be able to compete in the marketplace.”

Before turning to Rocket, VAI attempted to use an application that injected HTML interfaces into its screen-scraped products. Because the UI was unyielding, and didn’t include the ability to customize by role, account, or data preferences, the user experience was poor. Ultimately, VAI abandoned the project.

  • Increased average annual growth from 5% to 13%
  • Leveraged 39 years of ERP investment
  • Helped its customers deliver 99.9% on-time shipments with improved inventory accuracy
  • Modernization
Customer Testimonial
Rocket LegaSuite Web answered the call. Rewriting our ERP apps was never an option and would have required us to start our business from scratch, costing millions of dollars.
Bob Vormittag
President and CEO
Vormittag Associates, Inc.