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Modernizing Infrastructure with Rocket® Data Replicate and Sync
Government & Non Profit
VicRoads is a state government agency in Victoria, Australia, that owns, manages and regulates the arterial road network, delivers road safety initiatives, and provides customer-focused registration and licensing services. As part of Victoria’s Department of Transport and Planning, VicRoads works with other transport agencies to meet Victoria’s transport challenges and achieve the vision set out in the Transport Integration Act 2010 (the Act).
VicRoads has long relied on its existing mainframe systems to provide the support needed to handle those operations. However, as digital transformation accelerated throughout the business and consumer world, customer expectations have been on the rise, looking for more efficient and optimized experiences. In addition, there was a need to address mounting mainframe IMS™, Db2® and VSAM database maintenance costs and find suitably qualified technical resources. With those realities in mind, the organization decided it needed to modernize its existing mainframe systems to enable new technologies, support evolving business requirements and reduce excess costs, all while ensuring they are meeting a rapidly growing set of customer expectations. To evaluate its options, VicRoads turned to CCA Software Pty Ltd, a trusted Rocket partner, for assistance.
  • Improved Data Access: Rocket® Data Replicate and Sync (formerly tcVision) brought data out of complex systems, enabling end-users to access mainframe data in near real-time.
  • Operational Continuity: Implementing Rocket® Data Replicate and Sync enabled VicRoads to access mission-critical data securely and without disrupting existing systems.
  • Improved Efficiency: Rocket® Data Replicate and Sync delivered greater interoperability between modern hardware and software innovations, reducing time-to-market for new services.
Rocket Data Replicate and Sync enabled VicRoads to quickly launch new services to better meet customer expectations.