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Major Banking Institution in the Philippines

Reducing Costs While Migrating Automation Tools
Financial & Banking
As one of the top five banks in the Philippines, this institution offers a multitude of financial products that serve both retail and corporate clients. The bank holds a long tradition of redefining the country’s economic landscape, financing private and public sector initiatives and enterprises.
Automation is a critical part of the bank’s most important mainframe operations. It runs more than 16,000 jobs per day for core banking systems in the mainframe production system as well as on credit card and GL systems. For well over a decade, this Philippines-based banking institution, one of the top five banks in the country, had been using Broadcom/CA CA7 to help manage and automate workloads, and gradually costs grew. Faced with soaring prices, the banking institution identified a need to find an automation tool that could integrate seamlessly with its systems, remain easily understandable to staff, and most importantly, reduce costs. With long-term business success on the line, the bank turned to Rocket Software to help replace their increasingly expensive systems without causing serious disruption.
  • Local Support: Rocket Software’s local technical support made planning the bank’s automation migration easy and ensured their teams got exactly the support they needed every step of the way.
  • Cost Savings: Rocket Software’s solutions gave the bank the power to migrate automation tools while eliminating the need for unnecessary maintenance and drastically reducing costs.
  • Ease of Use: The bank’s team was able to get up to speed quickly with Rocket Software solutions like Rocket® Zeke, enabling them to manage their scheduling workloads with ease.
Rocket Software met all the criteria that we look for in a solutions vendor. As an existing customer of Rocket Software, they bring a strong track record, coupled with a longstanding local presence and support that made the whole process simple from start to finish.
VP at a top-five banking institution in the Philippines