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Liberty Mutual Insurance

Ensuring Data Security During Content Migration
Liberty Mutual and its over 45,000 employees work hard to help their clients protect their families, businesses, and futures. With more than 30 million customer profiles and 40 billion records, the insurer turned to Rocket® Mobius suite of technologies to provide the flexibility and connectivity needed to securely migrate its valuable data and modernize its content management operations.
Liberty Mutual needed to modernize operations through fast, secure data migration from mainframe repositories to cloud systems to remain competitive and provide the best service. However, it feared that the move would disrupt its business operations.
  • Modernization: Rocket Mobius’ ability to integrate with both mainframe and cloud technologies has enabled Liberty Mutual to modernize and implement innovative cloud and open-source software.
  • Safe Migration: Mobius’ flexibility allowed Liberty Mutual to safely migrate its data from mainframe repositories to AWS cloud repositories efficiently and with minimal business disruptions.
  • Professional Support: Thanks to the guidance and expertise of Rocket Software professionals, Liberty Mutual was able to quickly implement the Mobius technology—saving significant time and resources.
Rocket Mobius allows us to stay nimble with the changing challenges in our industry. With the cost savings we expect to see from implementing Mobius on AWS, we will begin to reinvest savings into new development rather than ongoing maintenance.
Erik York - Technologist/Acting, Architect for Commercial Insurance Document Solutions, Liberty Mutual