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Groupe Pasteur Mutualité

Boosting Data Governance with Rocket® Data Intelligence
Groupe Pasteur Mutualité (GPM) is a specialized insurance provider for medical professionals and insures 138,000 healthcare workers. Founded in 1858, GPM is a global player in the protection, support, and well-being of caregivers to facilitate their specific professional needs. GPM is headquartered in Paris and employs over 450 people.
As an established leader in their field providing vital services to healthcare professionals throughout France, GPM’s data quality is at the core of its business operations and has a major impact on activities that include portfolio assessments and a range of other calculations. Countless aspects of the business, and the decisions made by leadership, hinge on having trusted and accurate data. Over time, the task of ensuring data quality grew more complex, particularly with new European Union compliance standards. In 2019, ACPR, an administrative authority responsible for monitoring banks and insurance companies in France, conducted a study that looked at data quality from 193 French insurance institutions and found that companies reported significant gaps in data lineage. Subsequently, GPM realized the need to modernize its data governance capabilities to ensure that business decisions were made with the best quality data and to remained up to date with the latest regulatory standards. Doing this meant achieving a greater understanding of its data lineage and better control of data flow throughout the organization.
  • Trust in Insight Data: A dense and exhaustive lineage allows the customer to control the quality of raw and calculated data from end to end.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced the time, money, and resources dedicated to maintaining data quality operations.
  • Convergence: The streamlined data lineage and business glossary foster unified communication between business and technical users.
“On the one hand, data whose quality is controlled allows us to strengthen our regulatory compliance by producing reliable regulatory reports. On the other hand, good quality data allows us to reduce correction costs. Thanks to Rocket Data Intelligence, GPM was able to strengthen its regulatory compliance and reduce management costs inherent to poor data quality.”
Anas Taud
Chief Enterprise Architect & Chief Data Officer