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Customer Case Studies


Providing Speed and Agility Through Low-Code Application Development
Since 2014, BlinQt, an information communications technology (ICT) organization, has established a strong presence in the Netherlands through its work with nine local governments. By providing applications and services, BlinQt helps municipal bodies streamline the governance of social domains, freeing them to focus on the core tasks of social affairs, employment, healthcare, and other local legislation. 
To keep up with evolving regulatory requirements, BlinQt needed a low code development platform that allowed them to develop agile, cloud-friendly applications quickly.
  • Cost savings: Rocket Uniface’s intuitive, low-code development platform enabled BlinQt to build an on-premises and cloud-deployable offering in a fraction of the time—significantly reducing costs.
  • Agility: Uniface’s low-code application development platform allows BlinQt to rapidly meet evolving business requirements—streamlining compliance efforts.
  • Reduced workloads: Thanks to Uniface’s structs mechanism, BlinQt can replicate and reuse large chunks of complex code, giving the company the speed and agility to build, adapt and manage its application with a single architect.
With more than 30 years of experience with Uniface, the aspect I have always admired is the simplicity of the language. You don’t have to learn a lot. Uniface takes a lot of the work out of your hands and just provides you with functionality.
Richard Bollee
Chief Technology Officer, BlinQt