What's New in Rocket Mainstar HSM Reporter/Manager v10.3

Rocket Mainstar HSM Reporter/Manager v10.3 is now available for download.

HRM provides the user with the ability to administer DFSMShsm from within the product, manage DFSMShsm Control Data Sets and data from within the product, assist with tuning DFSMShsm, and report on DFSMShsm owned and managed data. 

Version 10.3 provides several enhancements, which extend functionality and value.

Batch Submission

HRM provides the ability to submit searches, queries or reports using the BATCH submission feature of the product, this is extremely useful for customers with a large amount of DFSMShsm managed data by not tying up the terminal when running large reports and allowing multiple batch requested reports to be scheduled and run.


HRM supports the TOTAL command for all reports. The Total command is extremely useful when bottom line information is wanted and detail information is not needed.

Zoom View

Zoom view changes the report viewing from horizontal viewing to vertical viewing providing most all reporting on one screen rather than the constant need to scroll right and left.

Class Transaction Reporting

HRM supports and reports on sites who have implemented and use class transition for their DFSMShsm managed data.

Data Conversion Assist

HRM provides the ability assist customers and sites planning to migrate and convert from an OEM Archival/Backup environment to DFSMShsm. DCA assists with this migration by assisting with selection of data for migration to DFSMShsm, building of necessary control card statements, monitoring of migration submission and providing status of conversion success and failures.