Rocket Mainstar HSM Reporter/Manager

Ensure business continuity with proactive mainframe storage management

Our Rocket® Mainstar® HSM Reporter/Manager solution proactively manages your mainframe storage environment. It provides HSM reporting and analysis for both large and small DFSMShsm projects. Storage and system administrators can quickly and easily monitor and correct problem areas before they affect daily business operations.

Reporting and Management for HSM

Gain insight into DFSMShsm

Ensuring the availability of the hundreds of thousands to millions of data assets managed by IBM® zSystems/OS® DFSMShsm (HSM) requires daily analysis of its functions. To maximize productivity, DFSMShsm administrators need a powerful automated reporting tool that provides pertinent information about HSM functions in a straightforward, interactive format. Rocket Mainstar HSM Reporter/Manager puts accurate, up-to-date system information at your fingertips so you can proactively manage your environment.

For example, you can get customizable reports with powerful filtering and masking support. If an issue is identified, you can quickly implement a fix using the interactive correction capability before any data loss happens. You can administer and tune DFSMShsm from within, controlling data set administration and maintenance on IBM zSystems® while keeping the DFSMShsm started task active, and get a complete understanding of every function of DFSMShsm and the cost associated with doing the function. Reports in ISPF format make it easy to research and provide options for drill-down views to obtain more information.


With Mainstar HSM Reporter/Manager, you can see, understand, and act on HSM status faster, without the usual steep learning curve. Administrators are more productive, problems are avoided or solved more quickly, and overall storage management is more efficient.

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