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Control changes and create a more resilient IT environment

Regulations require customers to be resilient to any type of outages, help maintain your government and corporate compliance policies with Rocket Mainstar.

Support a compliant mainframe environment

Mounting compliance requirements such as the Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel II Act require public companies to implement IT controls. In order to prevent loss of service, be more resilient to data loss, reject unauthorized change, and improve the overall security of their systems software. Rocket Mainstar solutions enable you to control changes and create a more resilient IT environment to help you maintain compliance.

Prove compliance

To fulfill industry regulations regarding data set protection, businesses must prove that critical data assets are securely backed up and stored or replicated offsite. Mainstar products automatically monitor all applications, identify data assets that are used by applications, and provide audit trails with the necessary information.

Protect ICF catalogs

Mainstar products provide complete backup and forward recovery for ICF catalog components, including the use of “System Management Facility (SMF),” which is affiliated with IBM zSystems/OS. By running diagnostic commands on a regular basis, you can identify problems and correct them to prevent potential outages.

Maintain data integrity

Mainstar solutions audit the DFSMShsm CDS and automatically create corrective actions, including DFSMShsm FIXCDS commands to maintain data integrity. The audit, corrective action, and reporting capabilities are unmatched in the industry, providing the fastest and most accurate auditing of large DFSMShsm environments and high-density tape media available.