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Improve performance through automation

Rocket Mainstar systems optimization and data management solutions let you operate IBM® zSystems/OS®, Db2®, and IMS™ systems at peak efficiency. Maximize the proven processing power of your mainframe in support of corporate web, mobile, and cloud initiatives.

Maximize Your Mainframe Investment

Control mainframe operating costs

When it comes to mainframe processing, time is money. For many organizations, digital transformation drives an increased need for access to mainframe data. With greater demand for online data availability, batch windows are decreasing, seemingly leaving only one way to ensure batch processing is completed on time – buy more capacity. 

Rocket Performance Essential automatically tunes and optimizes batch I/O, shortening elapsed processing times by up to 75%, so you can reduce ongoing capacity purchases and avoid costly last-minute buys. Within hours of installation, Rocket Performance Essential can reduce the number of I/Os by up to 90%, without manual tuning or modifying applications, helping you get more from the capacity you already have.

Simplify compliance reporting

To meet regulatory requirements, many businesses must document that critical data assets are regularly and securely backed up and stored or replicated off-site. Mainstar backup and recovery solutions automatically monitor all applications, identify data assets that are used by applications, and provide audit trails with the necessary information.

With Rocket Mainstar backup and recovery solutions, your organization is able to rapidly restore data while demonstrating compliance for internal controls and government regulations.

Keep your mainframe data safe

Any organization can be affected by data loss, and if your data isn’t fully discovered and protected, it can’t be recovered. Rocket Mainstar backup and recovery solutions provide automated data asset backup optimized for rapid recovery. Ensure all important z/OS data is backed up, eliminate single points of failure and centralize visibility into your entire backup environment.

Maintain business continuity

In today's demanding business world, downtime is not an option. In some cases, having servers down for even a few seconds can be an operational and financial catastrophe. Rocket Mainstar solutions can prevent potential outages, and allow you to recover faster from inadvertent outages and disasters.