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Enterprise performance management

Empower people and enable collaboration

Executing your organization’s corporate strategy and strategic plan is challenging. You need to turn disparate information and activities into strategic execution with objective-oriented software that ties things together. Rocket® CorVu® solutions empower people and enable collaboration with automated resource management and communications tools.

Automate alignment to corporate strategy

Sixty-five percent of senior executives who successfully implement their strategic plans report better financial results. Yet sixy percent report that they struggle to bridge the gap between strategic plans and daily operations. Rocket Corvu software automates corporate strategy by tying daily operations to your strategic plan, continually monitoring the process, and fostering communication and collaboration with all employees—and customers and partners when needed.

Rocket CorVu solutions automate strategy (such as performance and risk mitigation) along with budget and resource planning. CorVu solutions support leading management methodologies (Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma) through complete workflow automation to realize full strategy execution. It manages the information you need to succeed within a scalable business application that you can readily adapt to your evolving management frameworks. 

Our supporting tools—including CorVu NG, CorPortfolio® and HyperVu®—create information liquidity, empowering business people to visualize, analyze and communicate critical performance data without burdening IT.